5 Excuses That Don't Burn Calories

Excuses are for the birds. You don't have to spend 2 hours at the gym everyday, but you should have the motivation to do something active. If you're getting ready to give any of these excuses just remember– they don't burn calories.

Excuse #1. I'm just too tired

This excuse is tired! We all have hectic days, a list of to-dos and very little time to just relax. But an hour or even 20 minutes of some activity is better than nothing at all. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and move.

Excuse #2. I'll start on Monday

For most people, this excuse begins with an 'all or nothing' approach to their diet and fitness. They go strong for one week, restrict everything, go to the gym for 3 hours-7 days a week, then respond with excessively unhealthy behavior.  Make health and fitness part of your lifestyle, not only when they are convenient. That consistency helps you deal with mild ups and downs without completely losing it.

Excuse #3. I hate the gym

The gym isn’t for everyone BUT luckily there are so many other options out there to stay active. Outdoor sports, yoga classes, at-home workouts...you can still enjoy a fit lifestyle without a gym pass. Find your own fitness and do what makes you happy.

Excuse #4. Eating healthy is expensive

Yes, eating healthy is pricier than eating off the dollar menu. But is anything more important than your health in the grand scheme of things?  Feeding your body good, nutrient dense food helps you maintain your wellness. To me, a dollar spent for something healthy is well worth it. Focus on the true value, buy in-season and pull back on other less important items when necessary.

Excuse #5. I'm not seeing progress, so I might as well give up

Our bodies are amazing at adapting to our surroundings. Therefore, we are genetically wired to plateau. It isn't a signal to stop, it's a signal to keep going! Try new things, challenge yourself, and you'll get through that stagnation.