5 Tips for Overcoming a Weight Loss Set Back


You’re 100% dedicated to your weight loss goals. You eat right, exercise, and you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Then all of a sudden life takes over. Personal problems, injury, illness, and unplanned responsibilities cause your progress to come to a screeching halt.

Setbacks are inevitable, but they don’t have to break you. With a little self-confidence, you can turn things around.

1. Ask yourself ‘why’? The problem with minor setbacks is that far too often they cause a major downward spiral. Before it goes too far, determine the underlying cause. You may not have control over what is happening around you, but you can prevent things from getting worse, or from making the same mistake next time.

2. Make sure your expectations are realistic. We’re all trying to balance demanding jobs, family, and social lives. When one of these things is off, making it to the gym or maintaining a healthy diet becomes more about scheduling and prioritizing. It’s important to assess your lifestyle and customize your approach.

3. Be patient. If you’ve experienced a setback, the worst thing you can do is rush to make up for lost time. Guilt from skipping the gym and overindulging often leads to excessive amounts of cardio and extreme dieting. Trust me when I say, doing this will only backfire. Make small, positive changes and you’ll gain momentum once again.

4. Don't quit. Setbacks are acceptable, but quitting isn't. Learn from your mistakes, push through the tough times, and you'll emerge even stronger and more confident than before.

5. Let it go. There is no benefit to beating yourself up over a setback. Learn from it and continue on the journey. It’s called a journey for a reason.

When the unexpected happens, are you ready to deal with it?

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Photography: James Patrick Photography

MUA: Amanda Borboa

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