Life is a Balancing Act

 I often compare the lives of women in this day and age similar to a performer, walking a tightrope, balancing life on both ends with a specific goal in mind, aiming to reach the platform at the end of the line while spectators watch and wait for us to fall. Life is a balancing act and many of us as women put ourselves last ensuring that the lives of our loved ones are taken care of first. But how do we be a better person for others if we cannot achieve our own dreams and goals? We all wear many hats in our daily lives, everything from mother to wife, business woman, homemaker, teacher to chauffeur.

I am a mother, a former professional accountant and now, an entrepreneur who runs a successful online coaching business in the Caribbean. In my coaching program, I make it a priority to really get to know my clients. Originating from Theodore Roosevelt and a quote I live by when coaching my clients by, is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Building a relationship with clients, knowing what works for them and their lifestyle allows for their goals to be more achievable, a reality and not something dreamt of.

Aside from the usual, weight, height and age, I also want to know more intricate details of my clients. What an average day is like for them, what are their stressors, do they have family, what is their current marital status, what their sleep patterns are like, do they have or had any illnesses, have they tried diets before, what did and didn’t work. Once I have read over the client assessment I am able to build the program with these factors in mind, knowing where they are mentally.

Anyone can receive a training or nutrition program but if they are not mentally ready for the undertaking they will never achieve the goals set out for themselves. I want each of my clients to understand “their” 100%. That 100% can be much different from one client to the next. It is about what they can give, not what others are doing, but what they can do. Right there removes unwanted stress. For instance, if they work 10+ hours a day, have a family, kids that play sports, they might know that realistically they can only make it to the gym 4 days a week. If they were given a program or tried to commit to something such as 6 days a week, I already know that this won’t be achievable and the stress factor increases. Stress plays a huge part in hindering weight loss. What they need is to be realistic with their goals and commitments and the body will follow.

The most important part of any program is the nutritional aspect. 85% of their results are based on nutrition, but that percentage is mentally the most challenging. From a nutrition standpoint, I consider my clients past history when building a program. Have they been a yo-yo dieter for many years? Are we now taking into effect metabolic damage? Are they afraid to eat carbs? What is their trigger? Are they an emotional eater? My meal programs are based first on the foods that they like, they are given a checklist of foods that they can chose from, they chose what they want to eat. From there I build a program based on their lifestyle, what meals will work at what times in the day for them. Are they someone that is too rushed in the morning and needs something quick? I would design the program to those needs. Clients are to check in with me weekly, they have to update me on how their week went, we discuss it and design a plan for the upcoming week. If I find that a client has veered off track with their diet, my main goal is to find out why? Why did this happen? What can we do to change this? For myself, this doesn’t mean more cardio or cutting calories. I believe that in order to figure out why one veers off track you need to get to the root of the problem. This can stem anywhere from a client growing up being bullied, a divorce, something said to them by family, a friend or coworkers, or have they lost themselves after childbirth.

I understand first hand that life and programs don’t always go according to plan. If a client has been following my custom built plan and are still not seeing results, I then address the issues of adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, metabolic damage, sleep, water intake, food sensitivities and stress. All culprits of weight gain and should be acknowledged in a program as these can make or break a client mentally, leading into what I would call, the domino effect. This is very common, something that clients view as an “easy fix” but in fact, works just the opposite. Most clients that contact me I find start by trying to diet themselves, normally it starts with low calorie intake, which then leads into becoming very hungry, lethargic and fatigued so they give up, binge, wake up feeling guilty, beat themselves up, become depressed and start the cycle of low calorie again. My goal is to intercept and get to the root cause. Not only will I build a plan to not allow this to happen but I work to find out what triggers this emotional state. Retraining the mind to not chase just a number on the scale and let it define them.

Knowing that there is someone who cares about their general well-being and is consistently looking out for them when they fall, gives the strength to face the challenges that lie ahead. Sheltering from those watchful eyes of failure and lending a helping hand to the end of that platform of where you want to be.