Put the Cookie Down!

Now that I got your attention.......read on:

I read this tonight and wanted to share it.

"Deprivation Always Backfires:

Cookies are bad. Bad cookies. Don’t eat the cookies. Okay, now what are you thinking about? Exactly. “When we restrict ourselves from eating certain foods, we are giving those foods more power, not less,” We become so obsessed with not eating them that we can’t help but eventually give in. And when we do, we eat as many as we can. The result: You feel guilty and are even more obsessed with foods you "shouldn't" eat. It’s a destructive cycle."

This is one of the reasons why I coach based on macros and allow clients the option to include various foods such as these in their program, IF they want to.  I do however believe that it all comes down to a mindset and including just a cookie here and there is still very tough for some to do because they know they will not just stop at one.  To not restrict or deprive is only going to better the situation in the end but one also needs to learn that if you do not stop at just one, you cannot sabotage yourself the next day for falling off track.  One of the worst mindsets that you can develop is thinking that "it's ok, I will just do extra cardio or cut my calories tomorrow".  My advice always to clients is that you carry on the next day just as you would.  For some, that mindset will start to change in that you are now realizing that you cannot do anything to try and "reverse" what you have done and that you will (for lack of better words) pay the price for what you did.  There is so much more to a meal plan and it starts with having the right support around you and learning to trust yourself.