How To Avoid Binge Eating on Vacation

Do you have a habit of eating well during the week but binge all weekend?

Or do you eat well most of the time but then binge once you get on vacation?

The good news is it's totally "normal" but also totally "curable". Here Nadine shares her years of experience and her own lifestyle tips on how to maintain healthy eating whilst on vacation, on the weekend and for the rest of your life! 

"My job as a coach is to help all of my clients find their own balance and I commit to living the lifestyle myself. 

So many clients ask how to manage eating on vacation when you are not in control of your own food. Far too often I see individuals stress about how to be 'perfect', and if they can't be perfect then all hell breaks loose and they get down on themselves, consider themselves a failure (again) and just eat everything in sight (**insert: start extreme diet when you get back home**).

Here are a few things to consider when when going on vacation to help ease some stress:

Sub out flour.

Sauces thickened with flour, breads, cakes, deep fried's a great way to help you save the binge, digest your food easier, avoid high calories and a major gut ache. There a many options, including desserts you can find to feel you are not depriving yourself or make a big impact on the scale. 

Check Your Sodium.

This I have found pretty hard to avoid when traveling and it often leaves you feeling 'watery' and bloated. Remember, water flushes water. Reduce water retention by drinking more. THIS is where it can get you on the scale. 

Remember the Impact of the Scale.

Now, I mention the scale because after working with clients for the past 10 years, I'm not stupid, they are going to weigh themselves when they get home. No matter how much anyone preaches to stay off the scale the majority of people use it and it can greatly ruin their headspace after a great vacation. Rather than just tell you to avoid the scale, my goal is to help you understand how something as little as extra sodium in food, drinking less water, sitting in the heat and flying can easily make a scale go up. 

These are just a few things I have found effective for my clients in order to truly enjoy their vacation".

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Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle