"I'll be happy when I'm skinny"

How many times have you heard yourself say this?  Or maybe even a friend or family member?

It would solve all of life's issues, right?


How many times have you thought that if you were to lose just 15 more pounds you:

  • would finally be able to relax
  • would be happy
  • would like your job more
  • People would find you more attractive
  • would know what you wanted in life
  • would find your purpose
  • would get more attention from guys
  • your relationship would get better

And the list goes on………

So then, you lose the weight.

Those jeans you have had hanging in the closet now button up.

That dress fits perfectly.

And that bikini you were so afraid to put on, fits.

BUT, then this crazy thing happened…..you look in the mirror and still pick yourself apart.  Just when you thought getting skinny would make all of your worries go away, you cant help but think why your spouse still isn’t attracted to you?  You still cannot find a guy.  Your job didn’t get better.  You aren’t getting any attention you thought you would, or maybe you are, but its for the wrong reasons.  And you still cant find your purpose in life.


Because you still don't accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own body.

Life does not get better when you get skinnier.

Here is what is really happening.

The statement of ‘I just want to lose 15 more pounds’ is really just another way for us to not deal with the present (or past).  We use it as an excuse, an excuse for everything else we don’t want to face in our lives.  The deep rooted issue.

We think that weight is what makes us miserable and we convince ourselves that if we lose the weight this magical new life will appear but when we get there, nothing changed, because………nothing changed.

Don’t get me wrong here.  Yes, losing weight will make you feel good because you can become more active and you can move around easier.  Clothes are not as tight and you aren’t lugging around that extra weight on your body.

But you are still you. 

You still have the same life problems, you still have the same insecurities and relationship issues.

So, what happens now that you have lost all this weight and are STILL unhappy?  If you do not realize the truth, you will begin to mindless eat, gain it back and start the vicious cycle all over again.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is recognize and acknowledge the deep rooted issue.  I am sure some of you are thinking to yourselves, “I don’t actually know what that issue is or where to begin”, well, you’re in luck, because this is where I come in.

My job as a coach is not to just provide training and nutrition programs.  My job is to help coach you from all areas in your life.  It’s a domino effect and if you cannot figure out what is going on inside, you will never be able to achieve your goals from the outside.

On our Luxe + Well wellness retreat I will be leading daily lunch and learn seminars on the psychology behind eating to get to the bottom of why you're not seeing the results you want. I'll also be arranging for one on one time with every guest so that we can delve into the issues personal to your wellness journey, without needing to share to an entire group. 

Sophie and I want to ensure you leave this retreat feeling rested, re-engerised and inspired to change your life for the better for the long term. We hope you'll join us. Click here to book now

~ Nadine