Behind the brand. 



With almost a decade in the fitness industry, at the forefront of Nadine’s world­wide coaching is creating transformations in the everyday individual. Nadine's focus is to create change, not only from the standpoint of the physical form, but most importantly, from an emotional level. With this approach, Nadine will help each client succeed to create lasting progress that can be maintained with ease after the retreat.

Nadine has seen outstanding results through her online programs and is bringing this one­ on­one, in­person experience to the wellness retreats. Nadine is relatable, caring and inspiring. As a mother, a business professional and a model, Nadine wears many hats in her own daily life which allow her to truly relate to her clients on a personal level. With a background in sports nutrition, child obesity, personal training and working as an eating psychology coach, Nadine’s passion lies within helping others and she believes that a coach must work from within and get to know each individual in order for clients to reap the benefits externally. 




Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Sophie vows never to take for granted the beauty and inspiring landscape of her stunning surroundings and she can't wait to show you around! Through her own struggles with thyroid illness because of work­ life balance, Sophie was amazed by the generosity and knowledge of Nadine; and from that friendship this retreat was born.

Sophie's absolute passion is to help people and she does some of this through lifestyle blogging. Sophie pursues an honest, vigorous, well­ designed life to harbour happiness and inspire others in better design, affordable travel and improved wellness.

As a corporate lawyer at one of the leading offshore law firms, Sophie balances long hours and living life with a purpose. Through self­-help education, life­ coaching, passion pursuits and fitness, Sophie hopes to share her journey with you to connect on a meaningful level and help you leave the retreat inspired and confident to take on new challenges and live life with a purpose.